Week 00, Day 4

Taking it further

Add light and material.

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Rapport for Kristin Adnanes, Week 00

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This has been an interesting first week. Since I had no previous experience nor any expectations, study goals or idea what we would learn during this semester I more or less started on a blank page. It has been a lot of fun to get started and to get an overview of the study course and an idea of what we are supposed to learn. I am now very happy that I choice 3DDA and I am very excited to learn more.

Day 1

I have already had 1 year at Noroff so the Moodle and the presentation were all easy. I had problems figuring out which picture and video to choose since I had to think about what I wanted to create during my semester and try to reflect that in my choice.

I were happy to see that two of the books were available in Kindle and searching around a little and it should now be on its way to my address in Mexico. The delivery dates seems a little different in 3DDA than in GRAP since we now are supposed to deliver every week and have fewer project.  I hope I understood it correctly. See RPRT2 for overview. The different deliveries were also a little different, but seem easy enough.

Day 2

Part a planning a project were a little more difficult that I though since I had to research what parts to add in my planning. I hope it looks good and correct.

The drawing went okay, I decided to make the last one in colour mostly because I got bored or inspired or perhaps both and suddenly it had colour. I read through the first chapter in the book about drawing and tried to apply the skill of drawing what I could see. I am not great at drawing, but the book says that I only need to practice more so we will see at the end of the year.

I already had a WordPress account with two blogs, so I took the empty one for this semester. See link at the top. I might change the picture and layout, but I didn’t make it a priority this week.

Day 3

Getting to know the software took a little while. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use 3ds Max or Maya, but I decided to use Maya since it seemed more Kristin-friendly. I picture myself more making animated movies than games and I feel like I like the program better. I might change my mind, but so far I would say that I’m happy about using Maya. I have a few questions about this that I’m going to ask in the forum after using Maya and also watching some of the intro for Max, but I feel like I will continue using Maya anyhow.

The help file, making the objects and saving were all easy.

I’m already uploading everything I have digital to DropBox, so part c were already done.

Day 4

I had a few problems with the spotlights to begin with, because I couldn’t rotate them the way I wanted. When I understood more of how to move them and who they worked it became easier. I also had a few problems along the way with the texture and material because I had problems navigating the menus, but I also feel like with a little practice and more videos I will manage that just fine.

Animation was a lot of fun and easy (so far)

Week 00, Day 1

 Get to know Moodle

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I already had one year of using Moodle and the Moodle layout look at lot like the one we used in GRAP so this was an easy fix.


Presenting Yourself

  •  Background,  Past school experience & The Future
    • Kristin, 31 years old, from Bømlo/Trondheim/Bærum/Oslo and living in Mexico with my boyfriend and the three street dogs that refuse to leave. I have a bachelor degree in International Marketing from BI/Fudan and have worked in marketing and sales since I graduated in 2008.One and a half years ago I was stuck in a dead end job, bored out of my mind and decided to take one year of graphic design and combine this with 3D and animation to make me more diverse. My idea with this education combination is to use it to work on projects online and help small businesses and organizations with their marketing strategies and material.
  • Interests
    • My interests are many. I love to travel, explore and go on adventure. I love getting to know new cultures and with it taste new food and beverages. I love wine, I love spending time with friends, I read, I snowboard, I spend time with my dogs, I love music and movies and I spend a lot of time daydreaming. I never say no to try something new and I am always ready for random experiences and fun.
  • Creativity
    • Creativity for me is to see the world in all its colors and wonders and combine this with our imagination to create. My inspiration comes from pictures on social media, things I see in the streets or in nature, the people I hang out with and entertainment like music and movies. My Dropbox is already full of screenshots and pictures for inspiration and future projects.

The reason my introduction is this late was because I was struggling with the picture and movie part. I don’t know a lot of the world of 3D and animation, the games I play are old school super Mario and drunken buzz with my friends. I am in love with Disney and Pixar and I will watch all kind of movies with cgi, but I still feel that I am on a whole new territory with a lot less experience and clear motivation than most other students here. This defiantly made it more fun and inspiring to read your entries and see what motivates you this year.

For my Picture I ended up with this Weiye Yin piece. I wanted to find a nice image that looked real and write about how fascinating images that looks like pictures are, but I had to admit that making real life images is not my motivation in my work. I choice this image because it’s a strange looking, colorful and playful and represent more of the work that I do and want to work more with.

Weiye Yin

For my movie I felt that I had to pick a Pixar piece. What I love about Pixar is their story telling skills and their eye for small fun details. I picked this feel good short film because it has that typical Pixar story and inspires me to put more work into making the story and add the small details into my work.

Procuring Books and Software

  • Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right, Jason Osipa
    • Kindle
  • The Animator’s Survival Kit, Richard E. Williams
    • On its Way
  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Betty Edwards 
    •  Kindle
  • Register an account at www.autodesk.com/education/home
    • I decided to download both 3DS Max and Maya to try them both and then choose the one I like the best. Since I have no previous experience I felt like this was the best choice for now. I learned on the Moodle discussion that 3ds Max is mostly used for gaming, but the teachers use this more and can help more with this program and Maya is mostly used for movies and are easier to learn.

Assignments and Projects

  • Daily tasks
    These are small exercises given every day for you to do and practice. They are usually very relevant to the lessons in your current module and to your weekly assignment. If you want to get feedback on these, you have to post them on the relevant forum. Here you will get feedback both from tutors and fellow students.
  • Weekly assignments
    The weekly assignments are a bit more comprehensive. Here you will show what you’ve learned the current week boiled down into one assignment. Typical of these assignments are that they are directly relevant to the upcoming project.These assignments are delivered to your tutor via moodle before the week ends. They will be given a pass / fail-grade within a week or so after delivery. You might also receive feedback and some guidance on what to improve on in order to get a good result on your project.
  • Projects and Portfolios
    These are your main goals for the course. They will test you in every aspect of the previous lessons. These are the largest work of the course and will vary from two to three weeks in length. Unlike on the weekly assignments these work periods will be exclusively project production. So there will be no lessons, daily exercises or weekly assignments during these periods.The projects and portfolios will be assessed and graded within four weeks (20 working days) of completion and delivery. You will only receive a grade, there is no other feedback. You may however ask for an explanation of the grade, which will then be delivered to you within two weeks. You have the right to complain about a grade within 3 weeks after the grades have been published, or within 3 weeks after you received the explanation if you asked for that.
  • Guidance
    As one of our main tutoring instrument, guidance is relevant feedback given to you as a tool for improving in specific areas. It’s constructive critique in order to help you getting better.
  • Assessment
    Assessment is concrete feedback on what worked and what didn’t in a student’s work. There will not be given any suggestions on improvement. Assessment is given on projects and portfolios only, and only handed out if asked for.

Delivery Dates

March 2017
Academic Week Calendar Week Date Delivery Time
0 12 26.03.2017 Intro Project Delivery Sunday, 23:59
1 14 09.04.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
2 17 30.04.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
3 19 14.05.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
4 21 28.05.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
5 23 11.06.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
6 34 27.08.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
7 36 10.09.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
8 38 24.09.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
9 40 08.10.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
11 44 05.11.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
12 46 19.11.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
13 48 03.12.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
14 50 17.12.2017 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
15 3 21.01.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
16 5 04.02.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
17 7 18.02.2018 Portfolio Delivery
Drawing 1. semester DeliverySunday  @ 23:59
Sunday, 23:59
18 10 11.03.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
19 12 25.03.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
20 15 15.04.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
21 17 29.04.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
22 19 13.05.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
23 21 27.05.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
24 23 10.06.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
25 34 26.08.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
26 36 09.09.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
27 38 23.09.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
28 40 07.10.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
29 42 21.10.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
30 44 04.11.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
31 46 18.11.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
32 48 02.12.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
33 50 16.12.2018 Weekly Assignment Delivery Sunday, 23:59
36 6 10.02.2019 Project Delivery Sunday, 23:59
37 10 10.03.2019 Portfolio Delivery: Drawing 2. semester Delivery Sunday, 23:59