Week 01 – Modeling


  • Every day this week, you should do sketches of various objects in your house e.g. chairs, mugs, vases, flowers, etc.

Day 1

  • Create a primitive cylinder , sphere and cube 
  • Use modifiers to bend , twist , taper and scale  them.
  • Increase subdivision-level as necessary 

Goal: To become familiar with the tools used to modify geometry


Day 2

  • Create a primitive cylinder and 2 spheres.
  • Merge the spheres to either end of the cylinder to create a dumbbell-like object.

Goal: To become familiar with the tools used to delete and weld polygons together, thus creating a new object.

Day 3

  • Create a primitive plane with a 10 by 10 subdivision width and height.
  • Deform the center of the plane to create a conical hill shape as shown in the diagram from “topology”.
  • Now add and delete edges so as to create neat topographical edge flow.

Goal: To become familiar with the tools used to manipulate edge flow as well as learning to understand the concept of edge flow.

Day 4

Use the lathe tool (or your software’s equivalent) to create a vase, a hat, and a wine bottle..

Goal: To become familiar with the advanced tools used to create objects.

Modelmaking Toys with Virtual Reality Sculpting

This week’s build from Frank’s shop is a combination of digital sculpting and 3D printing. Using the virtual reality sculpting tool Oculus Medium, Frank kitbashes a spaceship in a modelmaking exercise and then 3D prints the toy. It’s like making your own action figure.


Week 00, Day 4

Taking it further

Add light and material.

Sin título2.png  Sin título23.png

Rapport for Kristin Adnanes, Week 00

Link to blogg https://shitididnotknow.wordpress.com/


This has been an interesting first week. Since I had no previous experience nor any expectations, study goals or idea what we would learn during this semester I more or less started on a blank page. It has been a lot of fun to get started and to get an overview of the study course and an idea of what we are supposed to learn. I am now very happy that I choice 3DDA and I am very excited to learn more.

Day 1

I have already had 1 year at Noroff so the Moodle and the presentation were all easy. I had problems figuring out which picture and video to choose since I had to think about what I wanted to create during my semester and try to reflect that in my choice.

I were happy to see that two of the books were available in Kindle and searching around a little and it should now be on its way to my address in Mexico. The delivery dates seems a little different in 3DDA than in GRAP since we now are supposed to deliver every week and have fewer project.  I hope I understood it correctly. See RPRT2 for overview. The different deliveries were also a little different, but seem easy enough.

Day 2

Part a planning a project were a little more difficult that I though since I had to research what parts to add in my planning. I hope it looks good and correct.

The drawing went okay, I decided to make the last one in colour mostly because I got bored or inspired or perhaps both and suddenly it had colour. I read through the first chapter in the book about drawing and tried to apply the skill of drawing what I could see. I am not great at drawing, but the book says that I only need to practice more so we will see at the end of the year.

I already had a WordPress account with two blogs, so I took the empty one for this semester. See link at the top. I might change the picture and layout, but I didn’t make it a priority this week.

Day 3

Getting to know the software took a little while. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use 3ds Max or Maya, but I decided to use Maya since it seemed more Kristin-friendly. I picture myself more making animated movies than games and I feel like I like the program better. I might change my mind, but so far I would say that I’m happy about using Maya. I have a few questions about this that I’m going to ask in the forum after using Maya and also watching some of the intro for Max, but I feel like I will continue using Maya anyhow.

The help file, making the objects and saving were all easy.

I’m already uploading everything I have digital to DropBox, so part c were already done.

Day 4

I had a few problems with the spotlights to begin with, because I couldn’t rotate them the way I wanted. When I understood more of how to move them and who they worked it became easier. I also had a few problems along the way with the texture and material because I had problems navigating the menus, but I also feel like with a little practice and more videos I will manage that just fine.

Animation was a lot of fun and easy (so far)