Week 00, Day 3

Getting to know the software

The help file for Maya

The help file for Max

How to make a simple object 
How to render an image 
How to save your scene 

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Using the help file

How to adapt the GUI (graphical user interface)

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How to set up the system units to metric / centimeter
You can specify default working units for new scenes in the New Scene Options (File > New Scene > ). You can specify linear units, angular units, and time settings.

What you can find in the general preferences

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What are your automatic backup features?
Maya 2011 finally offers autoback but it is not active by default. You need to go to window>settings and preferences > preferences > Files/Projects and check the Enable in the AutoSave section. You can limit the number of files to save, the interval in minutes, and assign a folder if not the currently set project.

Setting up external backup

Make it a habit of backing up the files you work with, at least on a daily basis. Always backup to an external device, preferably to a cloud service like Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox.

Always backing up my work on Dropbox, so check!