Week 00 – Useful Software

In addition to your chosen 3d-package, there are software out there which potentially could help you getting through the course in a comfortable way. These are all optional, but will make your life easier. 

  • Greenshot – Screen-capture
  • Jing – Screen-capture
  • CamStudio – Screen-capture
  • Delicious – Save, organize, search and share bookmarks
  • Wordle – Make wordclouds
  • YouSendit – send large files for free
  • Dropbox – share files and folders with anyone
  • Animoto – Upload images to make videos with sound
  • PDF to book – Self explanatory
  • 7-zip – Free file archiver with high compression ratio. Perfect for assignment delivery.


Web browser plugins
Google Chrome

Hover Zoom – Lets you zoom in on a thumbnail without clicking on it.